An artist at heart. I devote myself and take great pride in my work. Nothing is done halfway. A perfectionist but creative and always meeting deadlines are my strengths. I have over 17-years of experience building ads, laying out articles, designing front-end websites and landing pages, creating ad campaigns and contests with a team and leading them to success. I am a strong leader but am also very strong independently.
Thus my portfolio is only a small portion of what I have done in my career.
I continue to strive and learn more and educate myself constantly. Surrounding myself with positivity and an attitude of open-mindedness to reach new heights and ideas is essential, not only for my career but a healthy mind. Our world is constantly changing and as a designer, I know I must go with the change to be competitive and stay on top of my career.
I take great pride in working hard, being dependable and maintaining high-quality, edgy art for my customers and clients.
Below, you will see that my family and friends are my everything. They have shaped the person I am today. I am happily married now for over 12 years with 2 beautiful children. I enjoy gardening, running, laughing and traveling when we can.
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